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2012.02.10Tamakeriyarou!-Let's play football!- in Kesennuma 2012.1.14 An Accounting Report

A Statements of Cash Flow

(Unit : YEN) 

  The Amount of Money Remarks
I  Revenues    
From the Individuals 167,753  
From the Event TTT Organized 53,885  
II  Expenses    
Operating Cost    
Travelling Expenses Transportation 47,527 Petrol Cost
Vehicle Expense 77,267


Supplies Expenses 32,634 Event Supplies
Insurance 8,000 Insurance for Recreation
Management cost    
Handling Charge 1,260  
Total Amount of Revenues 221,638  
Total Amount of Expenses 166,688  
Balance Carried Forward 54,950  


Thanks to all your supports, the event we organized this time, “Tamakeriyarou!”, was safely completed. Although the situation in Tohoku area has been still quite severe, “smiles” we wished to produce could give energies to everyone in the area struck.

We announce our appreciation to all contributors who agree with our thoughts. It would be appreciated if you could understand that contributors’ names are listed in random order and without their courtesy title below.

  • Keiichi Tamaki  -Contribution-
  • Norifumi Kurokawa  -Contribution-
  • Kaori Aikawa  -Contribution-
  • Junichi Tokuda  -Contribution-
  • Kenji Kawasaki  -Contribution-
  • Naoki Uekusa  -Contribution-
  • Shinsaku Shibata  -Contribution-
  • Naomi Miyazaki  -Contribution-
  • Satoshi Miyazaki  -Contribution-
  • Sachiko Yasuda  -Contribution-
  • Yuichi Suetsugu  -Contribution-
  • Maria Kanou  -Contribution-
  • Emi Koinuma  -Contribution-
  • Fumiaki Satou  -Contribution-
  • Makoto Nakano  -Contribution-
  • Kouji Shimakawa  -Contribution-
  • Miyuki Chiba  -Contribution, born in Ishinomaki city-
  • Kouji Nakamura  -Contribution-
  • Youji Sekiya  -Contribution-
  • Naoko Takagi  -Contribution-
  • Kasumi Takagi  -Contribution-
  • Takashi Kimoto  -Contribution-
  • Hideaki Asami  -Contribution-
  • Masaru Shibuya  -Contribution-
  • Tomoyuki Oota  -Contribution-
  • Shunsuke Yanai  -Contribution-
  • Yuuki Saito  -Contribution-
  • Hirofumi Oota  -Contribution-
  • Satoshi Shimono  -Contribution-
  • Shou Nishiyama  -Contribution-
  • Iwata-san  -Contribution-
  • Kadokura-san  -Contribution-
  • Ishikawa-san  -Contribution-
  • Ono-san  -Contribution-
  • Morisawa-san  -Contribution-
  • Shuusaku Mitani  -Contribution-
  • Shigetoshi Nishijima  -Contribution-
  • Shinpei Suzuki  -Contribution-
  • Masaaki Kasahara  -Contribution-
  • Kouji Haruhara  -Contribution-
  • Chikuwa  -Provided the Poster-
  • Toshimasa Furukawa  -Present-
  • Takashi Minetoma   -Used Soccer Balls & Outfits-
  • Masaki Seto   -Used Soccer Balls-
  • Satoshi Hirano  -Advisory of footsal event-
  • All the customers of SCOPP CAFE  -Contributions to a donation box-

Event Report  | Slide Show (You can see the states of the event and Kesennuma city)

  • Event Report
  • An Accounting Report
  • Photo/Movie

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