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2012.02.10Tamakeriyarou!-Let's play football!- in Kesennuma 2012.1.14

【 The beginning 】

TTT(Through The Tunnel) was established in November 2011, 8 months passed after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

TTT is originally based upon the members of the amateur footsal team named "Saginomiya FC" which has about 3-years history. Saginomiya FC has been grouped by the members who have strong passion for taking pleasure. One may see us like sticky people, and one may see us like childish. Saginomiya FC is a group of such members.

After the disaster on 11th of March 2011, some of the members individually went to North East Japan for volunteers. Then they told the other members what they saw in devastated areas equally at the same level. They told the members about the reality that many people inevitably live in the temporary housing, and that almost all people of the same generation as us lost their jobs there. After some time, in the middle of October, one of the members raised a topic that "we should do something for people there".

【 Why should we do? 】

The first thing we started was to research the situation in suffered areas. The thing we only can do is footsal and that we are an amateur team.
"Is the footsal event required in disaster areas now?" "Is that we go to the spot nuisance?" "Do people feel us as an imprudent group?" We, members who mostly live in Tokyo , were quite unsure about such questions.

Therefore, we approached to one person who temporarily suspended his job in Tokyo and started to work in Kesennuma. Some of TTT members had met him at the volunteer support activity in March. He introduced us an association named "IVY Kesennuma", to which he belongs.
And then, we told our thoughts and passions to the coach of soccer school in Kesennuma. Thanks to all members of IVY Kesennuma, who are mostly born and living in there, the coach answered "Let's do it".
We heard that the places for soccer and footsal had been washed away by the Tsunami and temporary housings were built one after another. Most importantly, the children in Kesennuma lost their playground and can not do enough practice. That is why we decided to "Just do it".

The meeting in Kesennuma

The meeting in Kesennuma

【 Smile 】

Then, what should we do?, where to take place?, when to schedule?, precisely, why do we want to do it?, what is the intention of our action?
Various topics were discussed at the meeting. And as the meetings were made, the action plans had been shaped one by one. And we reached to one theme,

"The purpose is for children's smile and we wish their smile would give energy to all surrounded people"

In conclusion, we decided the name of our group "TTT (Through The Tunnel)". And the contents of the event would be playing footsal and soap bubble show. The target is not only children of soccer school but also children who are interested in soccer. The event hall should be in Kesennuma city, and the date of the event would be 14th, Jan, 2012. We named the title of the event "Tamakeriyarou! – Let's play football ! –".
As we make the contents solid, many people started to participate in TTT. We have been helped so much by them about renting cars, coordinating the spot, negotiating the use of the hall, and surprisingly, offering the presents for children.

In the preparation period, we thought deeply about children. "How can we entertain them?" "How can we avoid injury?" Though the total time of the event would be only for a couple of hours, our feelings could be described as one sentence.

It is.. "Wish we all could laugh one another"

【 To Kesennuma 】

On 14th, January 2012, we depart from Tokyo at midnight and arrived in Kesennuma in the morning. We all were surprised at the cold in North East Japan, and safely got to the IVY Kesennuma office.

In the morning, everyone except some members, who started the preparation of the event, participated in the project named "Garekinikadan -Flower bed on debris-". "Garekinikadan" means the volunteer activity that IVY members make flower bed in front of the shop washed away by the Tsunami in order to tell people that the shop has started its operation again at another place.

At that time, most of us saw devastated area's current situation with our own eyes. When we walked on the road with an understanding of passed 10 months after the disaster, many feelings and thoughts pierced through our bodies.

The view of "Garekinikadan" activity

The view of "Garekinikadan" activity

【 Action 】

At 12:30, we entered in the event hall. The place is "Kesennuma city Mizunashi elementary school gym". We lingered over the eve of preparation more than expected, and started reception in a busy atmosphere. There was a party of 50 students in all. Some are the members of local soccer school, and some are inexperienced children.
At reception, we gave them name budges on their chest, and attached small bottles with fresh cream on their waist.

At 13:30, the event started. First of all, everyone including children's parents started warming-up. We warmed-up together by elaborated way of jogging in the gym.
And then, we played tag with hand in hand. TTT members actively called their names because there were some children who met for the first time. We started to make a good mood for "smiling and laughing each other". After that, adults joined to children and tried not to be caught by two funny taggers.
From this part the atmosphere had changed and we came to hear children's laughter and scream naturally.

Playing tag with hand in hand

Playing tag with hand in hand

Everyone's bodies relaxed after the warming-up, and the coach started to show TTT member's shot demonstration. -Because everyone paid their attention, one demonstrator got tension and failed to show the nice shot…lol- After that children started to shot practice from different angles. They got many goals from TTT goal keepers.

Shot practice with an earnest expression on their faces

Shot practice with an earnest expression on their faces

Next part is finally playing games. Children were divided into two blocks, the upper grades and the lower grades, and some TTT members joined in the teams that have fewer players or were formed by only lower-grade students. TTT members also hustled to play although children of the rival teams shouted to them "It's cunning!".
In the lower grade's block, some children lost their own team and kicked off again. In the upper grade's block, some good players succeeded in passing a ball between TTT member's legs and the hall burst into cheers.
Everyone got excited, chagrined, and laughing everywhere.

Play games among the divided teams

Play games among the divided teams

After 10 games of round robin, the last one is special match, TTT members against children's parents. Adult players enjoyed together at children's playground as well.

it was transformed to butter after moving

After playing footsal, we showed children a trick of plastic bottle attached on their waist. In the beginning it was fresh cream, but without notice it was transformed to butter after moving around with the body!! Although our purpose was achieved when we heard children's voice with surprise, there is a room for improvement because their moving with plastic bottle seemed to be hard to play football.

Next program was finally "Present time".
We handed footballs to everyone each, and various goods committed on all hands were distributed separately to each teams according to the ranking of the match.
At this point, there was a happening that we couldn't distribute presents equally to all children by our mistake and some children came to cry. In the meantime, a upper grade student who was given a present handed his present with saying 'I'll give you' to the crying boy. And then, the boy stopped crying.
Of course we regret letting him down by our careless mistake, but we also are so much appreciated that we got wonderful moments from all children who joined us.

Smiling when children got presents

Smiling when children got presents

TSUNAMI PROJECT 様よりお預かりしたあったかグッズも嬉しそう

Looks happy when they got warm goods deposited from "TSUNAMI PROJECT"

After the present time, another recreation time started. We prepared soap bubble show, and IVY Kesennuma arranged 'Mochitsuki' which means rice cake making show.
We finally could entertain kindergartners who regrettably couldn't join the footsal and their parents as well.

 Surprised at my body wrapped by a big soap bubble!!

Surprised at my body wrapped by a big soap bubble!!

After a while, it was almost 16:30. The closing time was getting closer.
When we were seeing children off at the exit, one of us said 'See you again!' to children, and they answered 'Yeah, see you again!'
Although it was just limited 3 hours, we think we could 'laugh together' with Kesennuma children.


【 Not others' matter 】

After clearing up the hall, we moved onto the local pub and had a drinking dinner with the members of IVY Kesennuma.
We enjoyed conversations with them and heard stories about the days just after the disaster and current situation from them. There must have been some stories that hurt to their mind. Thank you very much for telling us many things. TTT members individually felt and thought various things.

Next day in the morning on 15th, we moved around Kesennuma area guided by IVY Kesennuma members. Walking with and listening to local person made us feel as if it were our own affair more than ever.




And then we depart from Kesennuma at 13:00.
Though our way to Kesennuma was through Ichinoseki interchange of the Tohoku freeway, for return we choosed the way through Minamisanrikucho, Monoutsuyama interchange of the Sanriku freeway, the East Sendai toll road, the South Sendai toll road and the Tohoku freeway because we wanted to grasp the situation of damage. Despite we drove only a part of the whole area affected by Tsunami, there was endless tragic view that roused us immeasurable impact of damage.

【 From now onward 】

At the end of the report, we all so much appreciate everyone who sympathized TTT's action.
Without your supports, the project might have been suspended or colsed by saying that "Wish we could have gone at that time.. " We could report this without any big accidents and injuries just because of your strong supports and encouragements.
When children cried, got angry or felt disappointment, grown-ups comforted, jollied and scolded them and finally laughed together. We think that we could spend such "normal day off" with the children in Kesennuma.
Thank you very much ideed.

From now onward as well, TTT will continue our actions with connecting all members' power.
Please continue to see more of us, and give us your supports and co-operations.

Best wishes from TTT members.

—————— special thanks ——————

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